My Jade Family

"Jaden oleskelutila."

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I will miss you until we meet again.”

My internship with Jade has came to an end. It’s so far one of the best internship experiences I have had. Great thanks to my mentors, those other lovely ladies working here as well as the volunteers! And many thanks to those sweet clients I have meet over the past months! All of you have made it possible to make Jade a home-like place, you are my Jade family ❤️

I have learnt so much about different cultures. Respect and equality are the fundamentals at Jade. Marginalized immigrant seniors are being well taken care of and socially included here. Even though cross different language groups, quite few of the clients might not even be able to communicate with those from another language group, but everyone has made sure to share their smile, friendliness, laughters and positive attitude.

Jade welcomes volunteers, student interns as well as student projects. If you are calm, friendly and interested in multicultural environment, don’t hesitate to contact Jade, my mentors they don’t bite 😉

Keep up the good spirit!

Best Regards