As the end of my practice placement here at Jade II project approaches, I’ve been thinking about all the things I have learnt from being a part of the project’s everyday operations for close to three months and also from interacting with the project’s clients. There have been many lessons, including what I have learnt about the important work that Jade II project does for elderly immigrants. As well as the diverse network in which Jade operates. It has been interesting to see the cooperation  and support that the project gets from networks like Eloisa ikä -ohjelma and VeTo that they are a part of.

For me as a future social worker, being able to be a part the client work has been priceless. One aspect I have taken away is the importance of a client oriented approach. I have seen how this has been valued at Jade where the different needs and wishes of the clients have been taken into account a lot. The aspect of peer support groups was new to me, and during my practice I have had the opportunity to explore this.

The importance of culturally sensitive activities is something that Jade works to promote more of; among service providers for the elderly and aging. I have been able to see this value in action as part of Jade II projects activities. Through my practice I’ve gotten a better understanding of not only the benefits and importance of making more activities available that are culturally sensitive  but also the challenges relating to this.

The target group of Jade II project is elderly immigrants, and being part of a culturally diverse environment has taught me the importance of being open minded in the interactions we have, as sometimes we have stereotypes when interacting with people that we may not consciously acknowledge. Also the value of considering everyone as an individual and trying not to make any assumptions or preconceived ideas.

It has also been eye opening to see that language does not have to be a barrier and that although sometimes challenging it is possible to interact where there is no shared language. I have also been reminded of the importance of being able to speak in one’s mother tongue and how beneficial it can be to our wellbeing.

Overall my time at Jade II project has flown by, my days at practice have been filled with different and interesting things and people. I have learnt a lot some of which I think I maybe have not  realized yet but that I hope to carry with me in the future.

Thank you Jade II 🙂


(Kuvan otti ryhmäläisemme Gao Yu, retkellä Porvoossa 23.5.2017)